Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

TV Checklist

So as I’ve gotten older I’ve lost my interest in following television shows. Mainly because its become so hard to keep up with shows and once you’ve missed an episode the season is basically ruined. In this day and age however this is no longer an issue. I am about to enter the world of Hulu plus and thus end this problem. This post is going to be my running check list of what shows I intend to watch and what episode I am up to. This is probably only important to me and not any readers but the comment box can be useful for any tv series suggestions. That would be helpful.

1) Dexter, Up to Season 1, Next: Episode 2

2) Park and Recreation, Next Episode 3

3) Spartacus

4) The Office

5) Big Bang Theory

6) Prison Break, All four seasons complete. Amazing series, Recommend this to EVERYONE.


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