Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

2011 Playoff Divisional Round

First and foremost congratulations to the BALTIMORE RAVENS for their grind it out victory over the Houston Texans. I honestly just wanted to enjoy this win as a ravens fan in peace but unintelligent sports fans has caused me to create this post in defense of how they won. I agree that the ravens victory in the divisional round was the least impressive but it does not take anything away from how good Baltimore is. People who like to talk shit want to try putting it on the ravens just so they can talk. No. Give credit to where its due.

The Houston Texans have the number 2 rated total defense rating in the nfl. To be able to score 20 points on that incredible defense is an accomplishment. More-so because the ravens have a mid tier offense. I have never thought the ravens to have an elite offense. For them to be able to score enough on such a great defense is encouraging. Simply because other teams are having 30-40 point shootouts shouldn’t demote the ravens.

The other thing I want to mention is the New York Giants. I do not have anything against the giants. I just have a problem with some of their fans. One of the many reasons I dislike all New York Teams is because of how stupid the fans are. Their victory was great and nothing can be said to take away from it but it also is just one win, like any of the others. The fact that it was Greenbay does not make it any more special. The Greenbay Packers were a great team but they had a glaring weakness which was their defense. It is the main reason that cost them the game. I’ve said all season long that I do not believe these juggernaut offenses which include the Packers, Saints, and Patriots would last without defense. Two out of the three are now gone. Defense wins championships, point blank.

This shows the nfls lowest ranked  total team defenses, the Patriots and the Packers. So to every giant fan I know talking shit about the ravens looking bad and giants looking good, take a hard look at this and then the texans defensive ranking. It is a lot easier to look good and score 40 when you play the LAST (32nd) ranked defense in the league compared to the number 2 defense. There is no argument.

I also want to take this chance to bring up why we have more than just a chance to win at Foxboro next week vs the patriots. The patriots are ranked second to LAST in total team defense. We all already know about how great their offense is. But those scored points don’t mean anything unless you can protect your lead. Something the Patriots can not do. The other argument then becomes the ravens would have to outscore the Patriots. My point is that this isn’t the huge obstacle people think of right away. The patriots usually score at least 30 points a a game which is incredible. However, they have done this mostly on teams with bad to medium level defenses. To say they have the same chance to score as much on the Baltimore Ravens who have the number three ranked total defense is ignorant. The patriots will still score points, it just won’t be as much as they are used to. This is why the Ravens have a fair shot at beating the Patriots. Our offense is good enough to score on that defense just as every other team has proven to be able to. The difference here is our defense and will be the sole reason we overcome and defeat the Patriots in my opinion.

^ The game above is the last time the Ravens played the Patriots which was in the 2009 wildcard game in Foxboro. The Patriots had just as scary as an offense as they do now so there isn’t much difference there. Good then, good now. Their defense is way worse this season compared to then. The Ravens defense has improved since then as far as the pass rush as well as secondary. Our offense has also greatly improved since then with the addition of Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin. My point? We defeated the Patriots 33-14 then. I just explained how the Patriots got worse and the Ravens got better. The facts tell me the ravens have a good shot at winning. I am in no way guaranteeing it or trying to takeway from the Patriots skill, this is just to the people who are ruling out the Ravens completely. I respect and fear the Patriots. But the Ravens should be just as feared.

My Super bowl prediction is for the Ravens to come out victorious in the Harbough Bowl rematch against the San Francisco 49ers. Defense will overcome as it always does. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Don’t forget it.


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