Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


10/10/10- A date that’s pretty hard to forget for a couple of reasons. The date alone is pretty epic. Dates usually die out from my memory unless they’re really important. This makes it a bit easier. Anyhow 10/10/10 is the date I first started for Levis. It was the first job I lasted more than a few months in. I actually have been there up until a week ago. A year and three months. An accomplishment in its own right. During my stay at the store there was really a point where I never wanted to leave. It was somewhere I enjoyed going on a daily basis. Why? Everything about that job was amazing when I started. (Keep in mind this is a long time ago) I’m going to do this little blog post stroll down memory lane because I’m bored and feel like having this all down in words.


When I was hired to the store it was during a big transition. Management was being changed and a huge turnover of employees was taking place. I was one of the new ones in the middle of this big change. All of the people I spoke to (veterans/people who were already working there as I was new) told me nothing but good things about the store. They told me I was going to love it there. I have to say I was a bit skeptical, my last job prior to that was a seasonal term at American Eagle Outfitters in Soho and I absolutely hated it there. I was mistreated and basically lied to about performance. Workers assured me that this would not be an issue here and that they legitimately loved going to work. This was something I became very excited about.


Like I mentioned there were many changes taking place. Changes that bothered many of the old workers. They were used to a certain environment and atmosphere that they felt was being taken away from them. It made no difference to me because I came from a job that was so much worse that anything looked good to me. They however were used to a great environment so they were obviously more upset. I would later learn that feeling but granted, it took me awhile.

Anyhow my goal in that store was always to try getting promoted and moving up. I didn’t really need the money and wanted to make the most out of this job while I could. My idea was to try and become a manager as fast as possible and to have that as my side job as I focused in school on trying to get a real career in my major. People would criticize me on taking that job so serious early on but I had a clear focus. Make as much money and progress on the side instead of just waiting for my real career to take off. Why settle to just be a regular worker on the side if there’s a chance to be more than that? I obviously didn’t plan to take it serious, I understand and respect that it is many people’s actual career, but for me it was going to be nothing more than a side activity. You really going to try to get at me for trying to make more money? Ok.


Anyhow as I took the job more serious I got to do a bit more than just sell jeans. The most enjoyable part of my job was when I was allowed to do interviews. I loved being able to affect who came into the store. The main reason I loved my job so much was because of all of my co workers. It felt amazing being able to ensure we kept getting people who would be fun and easy to get along with. This however was the beginning of the end. Despite how close-knit I thought me and all my co workers were people always like to talk shit or make rumors. Apparently due to my added privileges on the job, people began to assume I was a snitch. You’ll hear that word a lot in this post because I am not going to let that fly. At that point of my stay at the job I was legitimately close to almost everyone at the store and built friendships that seemed would last the test of time. I had done nothing to anyone and even stood up to managers in defense of employees.


I was the creator of the infamous face book group ” The New Levis Times Square” and despite many manager concerns at first I stood up for our right to socialize and did not back down. It was the reason it was not shut down immediately. Despite all that people still wanted to assume things about me. Understood, It didn’t faze me because I know the people who really knew me would never assume such things of me. Beyond that I see where people would have concern, managers always seemed to be a bit shady so seeing one of your own being close with them might be alarming. Fine. I didn’t have a problem with this.


What I did have a problem with is when people apparently CONTINUED to think I was somehow affiliated with this snitching AFTER I got in trouble with my Facebook group. This is when I question people’s common sense skills. Honestly step back for a second and use your brain. When I got in trouble it was arguably one of the biggest issues in the store as far as an employee getting in trouble is concerned and it was me who got in trouble. Did I snitch on myself? In fact I was the one told by them snitches are in the store and to not be slick and not delete the group because they would find out. No one would even know about this team of snitches had I not told people this is what was said to me….Things starting to click yet? If not I’ll continue.

I definitely dont feel the need to defend myself just from the way in which I left but will throw some people some food for thought. I’m only doing this because there are still a bunch of people I love in that store and I do not want them to end up screwed or put in a bad position because of shady people. Remember that trust is a valuable thing and shouldn’t just be thrown around. Just because you think you’re cool with someone or think they’re funny does not mean they wouldn’t sell you out in a heartbeat if it means some type of gain for them. I’m not the type of person to make accusations or make assumptions simply because that’s what people did with me. What I will do is spread what other people are saying. Usually when there’s a buzz about something there’s some type of meaning behind it. I’m happy to say some people have finally opened their eyes and are realizing what’s going on but there’s still a ton of people who are oblivious. It’s easy to cop out and assume snitches would be the people you hate, but the most effective one would be one that is cool with a lot of people. It’s common sense. Only other advice I’d offer people are curious, just be cautious of how people look when you tell them stories. Certain people tend to take mental notes instead of just enjoying the story. Don’t let it cost you. Oh and last thing. the schedule is an interesting thing. Funny how certain people get a shit load of hours when the store is “struggling” and people who live on their checks are getting denied hours and there’s others who have said out loud they don’t “need” them and continue to receive them. Hmmm.


(Oh and I’m almost certain this will somehow reach the snitch and their affiliates. So if you’re reading this and are upset and want to do something I’d like to inform you I have freedom of speech and press. I can say or write whatever I want. This is a blog, I am free to mention any name or company I want as I am not tied down by employment. lolsmileyface =] )



I don’t want to finish this post on that ranting note so I will conclude on a different one. The one thing that has always remained constant throughout my stay has been the love I’ve had for my coworkers. I honestly can call most of them family. It has been one of the best years of my life as far as friendship is concerned. They changed the way I see things and I’ve just been able to open up and have fun. I am happy to have met everyone I have and am hopeful to stay on contact with every last one of them. I also feel as though I have to thank them, hoping not to sound cocky, they really made me feel like the leader and voice of the workers. I always knew I was cool with many of them but the way so many people reacted when I first got in trouble and also when I left has shown me how many people care and on that note I have no bad feelings. I wouldn’t really change much, it was a fun ride and I love you all.




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