Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Sports Sunday 1/22/12

Words truly can’t express the level of hurt I feel tonight. My favorite team of all sports, the Baltimore Ravens were defeated by the New England Patriots 23-20 in the Afc Championship game.

It pains me the most to know just how close we were to making it to the superbowl. We had everything going our way. Tom Brady, one of the best qbs of all time was struggling against our defense. Joe Flacco finally stepped up and had the best game of his playoff career. Flacco had led Baltimore down the field in what looked to be an amazing last minute drive for the victory and then 2 heartbreaking moments took place. Lee Evans literally punched the ravens ticket to the superbowl with a touchdown catch and let it slip out of his hands. Then because of how far Flacco led the ravens we were in field goal range to at least send the game into overtime and…he misses.

The main reason I am so upset is because the ravens time is ticking. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed can only be in the league for so much longer. They truly deserve a chance to fight for another super bowl ring. Ray Lewis might be able to fight on for a few more seasons but I think the greatest Free Safety of all time Ed Reed’s time is up. His style of play is very dangerous and he has messed around with the idea of retirement before. I sure as hell hope he stays for at least another season. Another reason this loss is so upsetting is that Joe Flacco had finally proven all of his critics wrong. He was having the best game of his playoff career and all for nothing. The future looks bright for Joe Flacco and Ray Rice but I still keep thinking that this year was our best shot.

As I have already mentioned, Joe Flacco truly shined today. There is nothing really positive about the season ending the way it did but you have to hope that something can carry over to the next season. Joe Flacco this post season has really proven he can carry the ravens on his back and have the passing attack elite superbowl level teams require. This is something the ravens have always lacked. People can talk all they want but the stats speak for themselves. Flacco has been in the playoffs every year of his short career and has at least one victory in each of those playoffs. We have yet to make it to the superbowl yet but you have to like his chances with all this early experience he is getting. Its just a matter of time. Flacco out played arguably one of the greatest QBs of all time today in Tom Brady. I fully expect Flacco to make huge leaps in his game in the coming seasons with the experience he got today. I hope this loss will make him hungrier for a championship. Its hard for me to write anymore. The loss hurts. Nothing is more painful than having to say, we’ll be back next season…but we will. Watch out for the Baltimore Ravens. Flacco will change the identity from a defensive force to a offensive force.


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