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All Saints “Not for Sale” Campaign


All Saints, a clothing store that ISN’T simply dedicated to making as much money as possible. Something that is a rare trait now a days with all these greedy companies. Some companies should sit back and take notes on what All Saints is aiming to do. Read more below.

This is one of my first posts relating to retail stores. All Saints is one of the stores that has gained much of my interest in recent weeks. If you ever have taken a step inside the store you will quickly find out why. The store is simply amazing. The best way to describe the stores style classy meets rugged. The quality of all their pieces is truly top notch and the company truly prides itself on much more than just sales. This is actually why I’m writing this post. As I was browsing their website I came across their Not For Sale campaign.

Basically All Saints is working towards a movement to stop modern day slavery and human trafficking. Now this may seem a little far fetched considering how far we have come as a global nation with human rights but there are still tons of things going on that are unjust and not up to the times. Many of our favorite brands are guilty of exploitation of underprivileged individuals in third world countries. Cheap labor has been mislabeled. It is not okay for companies who  make millions upon millions of dollars to be paying workers a few cents per hour as they break the bank.

This ties back with All Saints because they are fully dedicated to doing the opposite. This is the trend they are trying to end. They plan to do so with a release of a line called Not For Sale. All proceeds from this line will be devoted to to efforts of ending human trafficking and spreading awareness of an issue that has been shoved under the rug.

Their website offers a great video on their mission. Check it out by clicking the image below.

Click to be redirected to the All Saints website as well as to watch the video.


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