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My Favorite Ads.

So I’m pretty big on media. I have a strong dislike for many of the ads that surround us in this day and age but some of them are still amazing in every way. The ads that upset me are the ones that are intrusive and blatant in what they seek. The ads that amuse me are the ones that capture my interest without being so direct. Kind of like that old elementary school rule, show don’t tell. Any how here are the ads I’ve grown to love.

Star Wars x Brisk

I’ve always been one of those secret undercover star wars fans. I never made it too known to avoid the geek connotation it usually brought. Nowadays I can care less what people think about me. Star Wars is awesome! Many people have forgotten how great Brisk ads were. This revival will bring them back into the spotlight. This is a simply amazing ad featuring one of my favorite star wars villains Darth Maul and of course Yoda. Funny. Simple. Memorable. And all in 30 seconds. Impressive.

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All State Mayhem x Jogger

There will be quite a lot of these allstate ads on my list. They are simply hilarious and whoever created the concept of mayhem surely is making a lot of money right now. This particular one has mayhem act as the hot jogging girl. Simple laugh.

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Direct Tv x Grandson with dog collar

This ad by far is one of my favorites from the past few weeks. Direct Tv really went all out in this ad, the best ads are the ones that have you a little confused and interested at the same time. This ad has a great sequence of cause and effect. Tying having your cable on the fritz to a having a grandson with a dog collar. Amazing. Hilarious.

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Star Wars x Bark Wars x Volkswagen

Another star wars related commerical. Can’t go wrong, theres a huge following for it so it makes sense to take advantage of it, especially as they are re releasing all the star wars in 3d so the publicity is there. If you do not recognize this epic tune the darks are barking then you’re barking up the wrong tree with this ad and won’t get it.

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Sex x Doritos x Football

Three words, sex, doritos, and football. You know have the attention of 99% of males. This is a great ad that takes advantage of male interests. The football play calling in the background is what sets this ad on another level. The syncing with whats actually taking place in the scene is hilarious. Doritos around Superbowl time is a powerhouse for commercials.

Click ti view video


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