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Super Sports Sunday 2/5/12

This post is about choosing who to root for in the Superbowl and a message to bandwagon sports fans

Heres another one of my sports sunday posts. This sunday is way more special than others though seeing as how it is super sunday. The Superbowl. The event that once a year sits most of the entire US down on a couch to watch the spectacle. I wish I could be excited for this game but I’m really not. To be honest it just hurts way more knowing how close my Baltimore Ravens were. A catch away. I’ve been longing to see my team reach the pinnacle but will have to wait another year. I’ll leave posts about the ravens till the draft for now.

The Giants Vs the Patriots. Why am i even dedicating  post to this game? Because I kind of have to. Like everyone else I will be watching the game. It’s like a rule, theres no way of not watching it. It will be the most talked about game for the next few months. The multi million dollar commercials are enough to make one watch. Anyhow I was having a very difficult time choosing a team to root for in this game. Obviously I am not a fan of either team but if you are a sports fan you know there is a need to want one team to prevail over another, its just how watching sports works. 

This is where my problem occurs. Who do I root for? I have always been a fan of sports story-lines. What that means is I have always enjoyed watching history in the making. I enjoy a story that can be written about the game after. Like if a team had come out of nowhere and proved everyone wrong, or a team that solidifies a dynasty, things of that nature. This is actually the exact reason I rooted for the Patriots in 2007, I wanted to be able to say I saw history. I wanted to be able to say that in my lifetime I saw a team go 19-0, something truly unheard of. That is where some of my giant hatred started, they ruined history. They ruined something that will probably never happen, it was the closest we’ll live to see. 

Having that said, I should probably be rooting for the Patriots seeing as how the Giants screwed them last time. Theres two reasons I can’t do this. One, our of all the teams I hate, which is a long list, the Patriots are number two on my list second only to the NY Jets. I’ve hated Tom Brady with passion ever since he played cry baby and screwed the Ravens on multiple occasions calling for roughing the passer penalty flags and getting them…every time. The second reason I can not root for the Patriots is well, they took my team out of this years playoffs in the AFC championship game. It was one of the most heartbreaking games I have ever watched as a Ravens fan. How would I possibly root for a team that has taken the Superbowl slot from my team. It’s too hard to do.

The second and only option then would be to root for the Giants. Simple enough right? Wrong. I have nothing against the Giants but I still can not root for them for the simple reason that I hate New York fans. This goes for all sports and teams. The reason the Jets are my most hated team is contributed to their idiotic fans. If there is anything people should hate in sports it is bandwagon fans. These are the fans who only chime in and root for a team when they are doing good and are nowhere to be found when they are losing. Although this issue isn’t as big as it was when the jets finally started winning, it is still bad. I hate listening to fans act like they are true supporters only because they are in the Superbowl. Go somewhere. You do not deserve to watch sports. Another reason a lot of “Giant” fans bother me is that they have no logic in their fandom when they try to defend it. The number one thing I hear from these people is that they are real fans because they support the team that plays in their state, NY. -___-

“New York Bandwagon Fans: laying low since 2001”

There is so much wrong with that statement. I hear it almost every time a NY team starts doing good and they magically become a fan. Being a fan of a team is about way more than just where they play. If that is your defense of being a fan, stay quiet when real sports fans talk. You are just a casual supporter, not a fan. A fan is short for fanatic. Remember that. Being a fan of a team should consist of constant following, knowing the entire roster not just marquee players, rooting for the team even if they lose every game, knowing how players got to that team and etc. It consists of a lot so you can see why it upsets me when people think they can enjoy a teams success when they’re are real fans out there who go out of their way to enjoy their teams goof fortune. Who are you to jump on board without being as dedicated of a fan? It isn’t fair and is why you shouldn’t be taken serious. My message here is that if you are one of these people, these CASUAL SUPPORTERS, not fans, own up to it and admit it. You won’t look like such a douche-bag. When that team wins do not rant and boast as crazy as the real fans do, they deserved that right, you did not. Wrote this mini rant about bandwagon and fake fans primarily because it is happening again as there are ridiculous amounts of “Giant” fans posting on Facebook and twitter and so on and I can’t stand to let it go untouched.

Anyhow, good luck to both teams. I will for the first time remain neutral on this game. I can’t bear to root for one over the other. Patiently waiting till next season. GO BALTIMORE 2012!


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