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Bernard Pollard for MVP in Superbowl 46!

Theres two things I want to cover in this post. One is how EXTREMELY LUCKY the giants got by not having Bradshaw’s touchdown backfire and second, that Bernard Pollard should be the Superbowl MVP,lol. 

This post is dedicated to true fans of football. You need football knowledge to comprehend what I am going to explain in this post. First and foremost congratulations to the New York Giants for winning Superbowl 46. Nothing will take that away from you including this post. This post isn’t trying to belittle their win, it is explaining how bad things could have gotten.

The Giants had the ball within 10 yards of the end zone. Meaning their in field goal range, not even, extra point range, meaning guaranteed 3 points. The score was 17-15. All they had to do was kill time with runs or even take a knee until there was 5 seconds left and then kick a fg to win with no chance of a comeback. This is football 101.

Knowing this the Patriots smartly allowed the Giants to score. Bradshaw decided to take it in the endzone and realized how dumb of a move it was but noticed too late. He fell in the endzone and allowed Tom Brady and the Patriots to get the ball back with a minute left and a timeout. nothing short of idiotic.

Having that all said, Brady almost made them pay for it. He led a drive that ultimately had Gronk miss the last second prayer hail mary by one step. It would have been the single greatest superbowl play and comeback in NFL history.

But the Giants won so who cares right? Right, but still, my point is why give them that chance, The risk to give the ball to arguably one of the greatest QBs of all time with 4 downs and time on the clock is ridiculous. Enjoy the win but decisions like that can cost you everything.

This is the less serious part of my post. I believe every Giant fan should send Ravens Safety Bernard Pollard a thank you message. There is no question Gronks injury affected the outcome of this game. Gronk was the best TE in the NFL this year and arguably will develop into the best ever. The high ankle sprain delivered to him by Pollard made Gronk an almost non factor in the game, something that has not happened all season long. The last play of the Superbowl, Tom Brady’s hail mary pass came short by one step of who else but Gronk…wonder if he would have caught that ball with a good ankle….. BERNARD POLLARD FOR MVP of SUPERBOWL 46! lol


2 comments on “Bernard Pollard for MVP in Superbowl 46!

  1. jcooney29
    February 8, 2012

    And don’t forget Wes Welker’s injury in 2010. That may have prevented him from better body mechanics as he attempted to haul in Brady’s 4th quarter pass.

    Talk about bad mojo.

    • psych0omantis
      February 8, 2012

      that missed catch by welker was the sign of the end. I think everyone can agree on that. Sucks that brady did all he could but dropped catches cost them.

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