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NBA 2k12 Frozen Loading Screen Fix

So everyone, myself included, has been pissed about having the ps3 version of 2k12 being stuck at the loading screen. The solution is here. Go to GAME DATA UTILITY, (NOT SAVE DATA UTILITY (thats where all your my player, association etc saves are) , when in GAME DATA UTILITY delete the “NBA 2K12 ADDITIONAL DATA” and “NBA 2k12” files. Then start the game and it will tell you to update the game, do so, start the game again and it will load and you can finally enjoy your NBA 2k12 on ps3 once again.


* The files you delete are nothing important, its the files that are installed to make the game start faster, no saves attached, they get reinstalled once you start the game, nothing to worry about.


You’re welcome.


2 comments on “NBA 2k12 Frozen Loading Screen Fix

  1. LMoney
    February 11, 2012

    Thank you VERY much for this post! I ended up buying another copy because I thought my sons scratched my game. I’m pissed that I have another game but excited to see it wasn’t my PS3. Thank YOU!

    • psych0omantis
      February 11, 2012

      You’re welcome, I felt the need to go out of my way and make the post because I was searching all over google and found no answer. When I did come across how to do it, i twas a comment on facebook, something not anyone can just find so I made the post. Sucks you already bought another copy, next time wait it out, if you’re having a problem, chances are others are too,lol.

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