Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Hard Headed or Knowledgeable, Perhaps Both.

This is a quick meme I generated for this post. It kind of makes no sense but you see what I am going for. I get into a lot of arguments, especially on facebook. I’ve always had this strange pleasure when it comes to arguing. Nothing is better than the feeling of winning an argument and simply shutting the other person down completely. Sometimes you get the rewarding admission from the other party that you’re right but that is pretty rare. Most of my arguments are won as the other person runs out of things to say, or they would change the subject or they would just be mad at me. the anger argument win is definitely the most fulfilling, it reassures you of how right you were in the arguement. If you think about it, why would someone actually take something personal and get mad at you? It is out of frustration, frustration that develops when you are…well wrong. I’ll be honest this is a very obnoxious post but I had to post this as it has become extremely relevant in the past month with my arguments. It is hard to win an argument with me. Point Blank.


The phrase I’ve heard a few times now has been ” Theres no winning with this guy”. I actually like this comment. It kind of implies that I’m just some hard headed person which I’m sure many people assume myself to be but I see it as you really needing to work for your point to be validated. I don’t see anything wrong with that, If I get into a debate with someone over something its usually on a topic I have done some kind of research on, why would I let someone who hasn’t dedicated that same time to win an argument? It just won’t happen. So I guess I can be hard headed at times but not in the ignorant way which is the worst way. Knowledge is key.


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