Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


Ask anyone who understands how society and how law works, the world may in fact end this year, NO it does not mean the world will blow up, NO it does not mean a comet will come wipe us out, NO it does not mean anything ridiculous will happen

all that needs to happen is ONE, JUST ONE “terrorist” attack on U.S soil, NOOO the actual event will not “end” the world ( that will probably be conducted by the US government, not terrorists (keep your head up your ass if conspiracy theory comes to your mind)

what WOULD “end” the world as we know it is the LOSS of freedoms that will occur when that “terrorist” act takes place, we will have NO privacy, NO rights, all at the EXPENSE of “Freedom” to ensure no one is a “terrorist”

compare the Laws that have been enforced, drafted and are soon to be passed after the age of “terrorism” began to before. It will only get worse

Why post if theres nothing we can do? Because I can, sue me? Half of you post “that shit cray” or about smoking weed, I don’t complain. Don’t complain I look at things on a broader scale. Its not about being a conspiracy theorist, its about being informed and educated whether you’re right or wrong. Knowledge is knowledge.


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