Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


So facebook has bought instagram for one billion dollars. You better believe they intend on making their money back. How does any free service such as facebook make money? THROUGH ADVERTISEMENTS. I for one love instagram the way it is and can’t bear for it to have ads like pandora. We are already consumed by ads on a daily basis. Lets try to stand up and SAY NO TO INSTAGRAM ADS!


Many people often have adopted the attitude of saying things like “who cares about 30 second ads, it’s not that long”. If only it were that simple. Sure it “isn’t that long” but the fact is it’s there and its obtrusive. On top of that here is another view you may not have considered. Have a smart phone? If you’re reading this post you most likely have an iphone or droid, how much is your bill? It most likely contains a data plan right? One that probably is not unlimited because those are becoming rare unless you are with sprint or have it grandfathered in. If you do fall into the huge category of users who have capped data, did you ever stop and wonder how much data these annoying FORCED ads uses? Now I do not know for sure how much data it uses but one can only assume a 30 second video clip that occurs almost every 5 minutes as the app itself uses data will add up. Now if you’re happy with paying money for ads you do not wan’t to see, fine. Everyone else, stand up and SAY NO TO ADS.


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