Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Bandwagon? Lol Ironic?

So I am going to finally make this post so I do not have to constantly repeat myself to sports fans who can’t comprehend logic. It’s funny how easy it is for people to lose sight of common sense when it comes to sports. Passion usually overtakes that part of the mind I guess.

I am a huge sports fans and my favorite teams include the Baltimore Ravens and the subject of this post, the Miami Heat. Understandably having that be your favorite team comes with some baggage. That baggage, being people who think you only like the team because of the three superstars they have. It’s been hard being a heat fan simply because of this. Having to constantly prove yourself and defend your fandom towards the team. This is probably the main reason I love facebook timeline. I invite anyone to take a stroll down memory lane on my facebook. You will see I have been an avid heat supporter ever since 2006. Admittedly I gained interest in them upon Shaq’s arrival. If someone wants to blame me for that than by all means do so because I am guilty. It is when I first started to really get into basketball and that is how I chose the team to follow. I was the only one rooting for them on my friends list during those playoffs and was nothing short of ecstatic when we won the championship.

I didn’t have much to cheer about in the following years besides acquisitions of people like Beasley, Marion, Skip to My Lou, Jermaine O Neal and etc that all didn’t pan out right. See during these times of losses no one had anything to say about me being a heat fan but all of the sudden when Lebron James and Chris Bosh arrives so do the questions of whether I am a true fan comes. Listen, I did not sit through all of those losing seasons and terrible signings and trades to have people question me now. Don’t be mad my team has become one of the elite teams in the NBA and will continue to be a contender in coming years. Jealousy is a trait of the weak.

Another issue that’s come up is I’m not a real fan because I do not talk about the team when they lose. First, I have a life outside of the television, I do not have time to watch every game, I have school, a job and a girlfriend, sorry. Second, the Heat have only lost 16 times, factor that into me not being able to watch most games and one with a brain can already see why it’s rare to even watch a game when they are losing much less POST about it when they lose. It is not my fault they do not lose enough for me to bash my team and be critical. There simply isn’t anything to worry about with their record. Basketball fact.

Most of the problems I have gotten have come from Knick fans which I find very ironic. I have always believed in order to like a team, it involves much more than just supporting the team that plays in your home town. Something NY fans truly ignore. NY is full of true BANDWAGON fans and jump from one team to another depending upon who is doing better at the time. It is that aspect of NY fandom I hate with a passion. For these fans of all people to be the ones questioning me makes me sick to my stomach. I have statuses from when the heat had 20 wins, do you have posts about the knicks? Oh right the only ones you posted were about how much you hated the knicks and how they suck. But now things are different right.

It’s also funny how many bandwagon fans like similar teams, most of the bandwagon jet fans are the same people riding the Knicks wagon. Even more sketchy are the fans who jumped from the Jets to the Giants. Things like this are not traits of true sports fans. Just the pretend ones.

Another issue that had to be adressed goes hand in hand with what I just mentioned. Bandwagon fans tend to ride wagons in all sports. It would only make sense. That said, its strange people question whether I like the Heat or not. Take a look at my other team, the Baltimore Ravens. Sure they’ve been having good seasons but at the end of the day they have lost every year when it counts. I am still here, still a die hard raven fan. So explain, if I am still a Ravens fan despite losing what makes you think I would randomly choose an NBA team to bandwagon with? Exactly.

It’s clear what peoples true motivations are when it comes to trying to get at me when it comes to the Miami Heat. Most of my friends are knick fans and any of which who has a reasonable understanding of sports realizes the Miami Heat has a great chance of winning it all this year or years to come. They are threatened by that and can’t stand to see that happen. That vulnerability makes people want to set up a cop out for the potential celebrations I will have. The “you’re not a real fan” response seed is being planted very early. It’s ok, I’ll welcome it because this seed wouldn’t be planted if you didn’t in your gut have a feeling the Miami Heat will win a championship sooner or later. Keep the hate coming.


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