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Amare: Breaks Glass Instead of Crashing it.

I am going to try to write this post as un-biased as possible seeing as how I am a die hard Heat fan. (Plus I’ve been in a VERY good mood lately with their recent domination of the Knicks)


Anyway, Seriously Amare? I know I talk a lot of smack when it comes to sports, especially when it comes to the New York Knicks, but I mean, I have to. Having to argue with Knick fans on a daily basis of why I am a Miami heat fan despite living in New York is tiresome and I feel I have to return some of the annoyance with smack talk. However this time, all the work was done for me by Mr. Amare. As everyone already knows Amare decided it was in his best interest to punch a fire extinguisher covered by a glass case. Obviously the glass won this battle…just like the Miami Heat.


This inexplicable act not only reflects poorly on the Knicks sportsmanship but on their intelligence level. What bothers me most about this incident is that it was so untimely. Carmelo Anthony was on point in his interview when he acknowledged all the Heat have done so far, is what they were supposed to do. And that is to defend home court. The Miami Heat are the number two seed in the eastern conference and are playing a Knick team that has struggled its way into the playoffs. THIS IS NOT A SURPRISE. It is one thing if the tables were turned and the Knicks were down as the number two seed but they aren’t! They are the number 7 underdog seed. This was expected. That said, why get upset before even getting the chance t play ONE GAME AT HOME? It’s really confusing to me. This was all a desperate cry for attention that failed miserably. Now not only has he cost himself a chance of playing in this post season due to his injuries, he has most likely cost his team the last 10% of hope they may have had against the heat in the rest of this series. It sucks that one person has the ability to take away all the hard work of so many other players but that is exactly what Amare has done.


On top of all this, I do not see how this does not throw away any chance of Amare remaining a Knick long term. He wasn’t a good fit anyway.




X V I Wins For a Championship



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