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Class Clown in College? C’mon…


So here I am sitting in class wondering what my next post should be about. It’s been kind of hard staying away from sports which is my new goal for the week. As I was struggling one annoying outburst followed by a few more from the same person in this lecture hall sparked this post.


I have never, and I mean NEVER understood the concept of someone gaining pleasure from being a “class clown”. Sure laughs are great, OCCASIONALLY. It feels good to have people think something you say is funny, but the underlying theme behind it is the attention it brings.


Here I am in this boring psychology class in a huge 300 seat lecture hall. Everyone is kind of doing their own thing, most are on their laptops or phones like me, others are doing work for other classes, some have stepped out early and of course the very few who are actually paying attention. This is the norm of an every day college class. Simple but consistent. But today someone decides to be the class clown. The professor is somewhat out there and makes statements that are kind of bold and quite frankly keeps the class somewhat interesting. This one kid decides to make that his platform to get his 3o seconds of fame. The first remark (did not care enough to actually listen to what the statement was) got a few laughs. The second, a little less. The third and fourth now is where the line needs to be drawn. Do you not notice the dwindling laughs and the growing quiet spreading through the room? People like this are not funny and are more disruptive than anything else. Stuff like this always bothers me because one would think common sense would inform them to cease their actions. Common sense it seems is becoming a scarce resource.


What also bothers me is that every time I look over at this kid, he is smiling and seemingly waiting for an opportunity to blurt something else out. Some people really need to learn when to stop. This is college, not high school. One would hope if you take anything away from college, it would be maturity. Sure this is an isolated case, but there are many examples of this in other forms. The outcry for attention is never ending.


Grow up.



3 comments on “Class Clown in College? C’mon…

  1. cherylhuffer
    May 1, 2012

    The Flyers are beating the New Jersey Devils 1-0 in the first. Thought you would like an update since you are abstaining from sports.

    • psych0omantis
      May 2, 2012

      I don’t like hockey! I have friends trying to get me into it but it isn’t working,lol thanks for the update anyway.

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