Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Social Network Braggers


One of my biggest pet peeves is social network braggers. What’s that? Basically its when you see people on your facebook news feed, or texts you get from people who are boasting about how much “fun” they are currently having. There is so much wrong with this I do not know where to begin. 


One, if you are having so much “fun” I highly doubt you would have the time, or would want to spend the time (from doing this “fun”) to write an elaborate paragraph describing what you are doing and elaborating on the extent of “fun” you’re having. That’s just common sense to me, I don’t know. 


Second, nothing bothers me more than people who are trying to do this in order to make people jealous. It almost never works and if it does they have to be gassing you because it’s sad. No one cares. You can brag all you want but the fact is if you’re having phone you would stay away from the phone or internet updates. Sure the occasional drunk update or something along those lines are fine but that’s not what this post is about. I’m almost certain everyone reading this has at least one of these people on their friends list who does this on a constant basis. 


My message to these people is to simply stop. You are making people hate you ( I know I’m not alone in the hatred) and it really makes you come off as a douche bag. On top of that, 75% of these people are most likely the same people who are sitting in the corner of a club or party not engaging with anyone. Pretending is pretty pathetic and the fact is, it’s easy to tell if you’re one of those people. You thus are doing more damage to your image than improvement. It’s a lose lose situation. Stop craving attention. Just have fun. 




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