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Bad Habit: Facebook Insulting

So I must say I haven’t been doing too well with the goals I have set for myself recently. One of those goals included trying to restrain myself from insulting people on Facebook. Now this doesn’t mean I am the type of guy that randomly just goes on other peoples Facebook and start mindlessly typing abusive comments. No. What I normally do is when I am on Facebook and come across a comment that I find particularly arrogant, racist, uninformed, or simply just stupid I find myself responding to them even if I do not know who they are in order to put them in their place. Now this does not sound good at all but believe me when I tell you someone needs to do it.


The comments I’m talking about are ones that are more harmful than anything I can respond with. I feel as though too many people in today’s society are free with their tongue..or fingers in this case as they type comments and feel as though they think they are safe behind their computer screens. It bothers me when people type nasty uneducated statements.


What I find more bothersome however is the fact almost nobody seems to have what it takes to stand up and say something to these people. Why do I have to be the one responding to my friends “friends” comment. Shouldn’t they be the ones to do it? One would think so but that hasn’t been the case. People need to stop being scared of hurting their “friendship” and holding back their opinion. Any true friend would appreciate being put in their place if the circumstance called for it.


Anyway, I keep finding myself in these long, tedious Facebook arguments because of this bad habit. I kind of enjoy putting people in their place but when you’re the only one doing it, it becomes a drag. More people need to take my place in this so I don’t have to. It would be nice to sit back and read the fun for once.




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