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Lebron James Wins Third MVP

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Lebron James has won his third mvp this season putting him in a class of world class athletes including Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird and Moses Malone. A group filled with legends of the game. Lebron James talent has been rightfully awarded and this video is his press conference accepting the award.


Rather than focusing on the importance and value of him winning the award, this post is geared more towards my thoughts about how he handled winning it and his speech. I have always defended Lebron James as a person and athletes when it comes to people delivering hate or undeserved criticism. This speech will help my case.


I love that its crystal clear that Lebron truly spoke from the heart and did not rehearse his acceptance speech. This allowed us to see into his soul and to understand his true emotions. I love his respect for the game, his family, those who supported him not only in the present but as well as the past, and his teammates. His decision to bring up the entire Miami Heat roster on to the stage to accept the award along side him was truly a classy act.


It saddens me that there are those out there who will somehow still act as if this was all a scripted ploy to gain back fans and diminish the hatred towards him. Those who continue to do so after seeing this video can be clearly defined as pure haters and should not be taken seriously in my opinion. This speech was truly inspiring. I’m also glad that Lebron addressed that winning a championship was still the one and only ultimate goal and that this was not a deterrent or distraction from that. Focus. Hard Work. Passion. Lebron James MVPx3 2012.




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