Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Be Yourself…


Something that has come to my attention recently is the extent to which some people feel uncomfortable with themselves. I get that its natural to be self conscious and feel the need for improvement. We all have flaws. What bothers me though is when this feeling gets out of control.


It’s when this feeling gets out of control that people begin to change who they are. People begin to act like they are someone else in order to attain an acceptable image. Acceptance is something these people do not have the best understanding of. Why be content with “acceptance” if the means of which to attain it comes through acting like someone you’re not?


The other thing to take into consideration is, when you’re acting like someone you’re not, it’s very noticeable. You aren’t fooling anyone. In fact, you just look like a fool. The only thing being accomplished is distancing yourself from the people you are trying to be friends with or group you are trying to be accepted into. They see it.


As cliche as it sounds, you really need to just be yourself. Confidence is life’s best kept secret. It will take you places you never imagined. Without faith, we are nothing. Stop the show, no more acting, be yourself, and be happy doing it.


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