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Basketball Kryptonite = Slippery Court


So I’ll admit, I’m a little rusty when it comes to playing basketball. This may sound like an excuse but if you have ever played basketball, you know just how deadly a slippery court is for your game.


This obviously is a bigger issue for when you are playing in an indoor court. Unfortunately when you are playing indoors and are not part of a league or organized play, the courts are not swept. This means tons of dust is left laying around waiting to be picked up by your sneakers. This is the number one reason for slipping left and right on the court.


At first I thought it was just my choice in sneakers. Instead of my older Addidas, I chose to use my Lebron V2s for indoor basketball use. Obviously, this being a pair of $180 basketball sneakers, the traction and sole are made to be used for basketball and are of the best quality. That, added to the fact I never used them much and was still slipping around told me there was more to the story than just what sneakers I was using.


I looked online and here are some ways of fixing this bothersome issue. I’m sure other people have had this problem and wish they knew some quick fixes, so here they are.

1) The first tip many sites suggest to do, is to wash your basketball sneakers. Or at least the bottom of the sole where the dust can accumulate and cause you to skid and have no grip.


2) Avoid using those sneaker grip products. I for one know first hand why this is a bad idea. The grip product at first seems like gold. It gives extreme traction and allows you to make every cut with ease and precision….for about 2 minutes. Then the product actually does more harm than good. It causes your sneakers to pick up all of the extra dust around and actually makes you slip more than before. It is not fun. You will be crossed by the scrubs of all scrubs.


3) Sticky mats are something I keep reading about. This seems like its more for organized teams though. Its described to be a mat where you rub your sneakers on during like halftime or timeouts. The grip adds a layer of grip to your soles and provides traction. I need to try seeing if there is a more portable version for those of us who just play recreationally, something like a sneaker lint roller.


4) The most common solution is to use your saliva/sweat and rub the bottom of your sneakers during a game. This is only a quick fix but a good one. Obviously it isn’t the prettiest solution but whatever works I guess. This is something anyone who watches basketball recognizes athletes do all the time. If its good enough for them, I guess it’s good enough for me.


5) Another feasible option is to have a damp rag or towel around and to wipe the bottom of your sneakers with it regularly throughout the game.


6) This is probably the option I will go for. Spraying hair spray on the bottom of the shoe. It does not remove the dust but will create a sticky film on the bottom that improves traction. This seems like the best idea because it does not base its success on removing dust which seems like an impossible task. Having to continuously try getting the dust off will make you go crazy. This seems more practical. I will update this post after trying it out to say if it works.





One comment on “Basketball Kryptonite = Slippery Court

  1. StepNGrip
    August 16, 2012

    Basketball is a rough game. A pair of basketball sneakers is sthe basic equipment. A good pair of sneakers with all features will do help to improve the performance. Light weighed shoes is perfect for playing the game. Before the game the players must check their shoes for better traction. This can be done by rubbing their shoes on towel, step into stickymats, this removes the dirt from the shoes. Slipping during the game may sometimes ends in fatal.

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