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Haters Need A New Hobby


Yet another sports rant. Sue me.


So the Miami Heat have lost game three in Indiana. for the first time in this post season they are trailing in a series. It was an important game but I still have faith Miami. Mario Chalmers stepped up BIG TIME in a career game. The only problem is that Wade did not show up tonight. It is already hard enough playing this series without Bosh, having Wade missing as well is not going to work. That said, it was a very rare occurrence for Wade to be a non factor so I think that along side Chalmers having more confidence will lead Miami to the series win.


Anyway, this post isn’t about analysis. It’s more about reaction. I truly hate people who watch games just to see a team (HEAT) lose. You’re basically slapping a post it on your forehead with HATER written in huge black letters.


What bothers me more is that the majority of these people who are watching to see the Heat lose support teams who have already LOST AND BEEN ELIMINATED like the Bulls or Knicks. Are you KIDDING me? These fans have NO RIGHT to talk, I’m sorry but these are just facts. Even people who are Laker fans have no right, we’re only down one game, care to tell me why its worse than you guys being down 2 to OKC? Exactly.


Being a sports fan IS NOT about being a hater. It honestly just makes you look like a loser. If your team lost, just sit back and enjoy the games as a true basketball fan would. Don’t boast or talk shit, again, it only makes you look foolish, especially when your team is already out. This rant is over. Just needed to get that off my chest. I’m tired of having to immediately post statuses after a loss just because I need to ward off potential shit talkers. Go away.




5 comments on “Haters Need A New Hobby

  1. Chris Ross
    May 18, 2012

    I think sports is all about having someone to cheer for or against. The great fun in sports is having teams you can root for and vice versa and if you don’t have that you’re just watching people who you don’t really care about playing a game better than any average person could imagine. People cheer against Heat not to be haters but because everyone wants a team to cheer for. Sports become a lot more interesting when we become emotionally involved in the game and part of that is disliking other teams. That’s just the way it is and it is part of what makes sports so fascinating in my opinion. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog because I really want to know what you have to say

    • psych0omantis
      May 18, 2012

      I mean I totally agree with what you’re saying, in no way should anyone watch a sports game and not root for a side. Thats the very essence of watching sports but that is VERY different to what I am referring to. There is a very clear line distinguishing those who enjoy rooting for a team for the sake of being a sports fan and those who just go out and jump at any opportunity to bash the Heat. People have even admit it to me, it’s just become a fad to hate on them, and the ways in which I have in mind are just disgusting.

  2. Coach Dee
    May 18, 2012

    Sometimes it’s a stress relief to witness the team you love least lose to a very underrated team. The best part is to make “hate” jokes that will make you sound like a true hater to loyal fans.

    I even do this even on my own team, and fellow loyal fans would turn on me like I’m the world’s most wanted. 🙂

    • psych0omantis
      May 18, 2012

      Jokes are one thing, hate to me doesn’t fall into that category so much, its easy to tell when someone is just making a joke and when someone is going out of their way to try bashing you or your team. I don’t know, to me there’s a line, and the people I think of when making this post KNOW they cross it every time.

      • Coach Dee
        May 21, 2012

        Yes, I understand. We are all entitled to our own opinions, anyways.
        As the saying goes, and I like it as it is true[for me atleast],
        “I’m only responsible to what I say, not to what others may comprehend.”

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