Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Your friend’s ex?

So some may find this a controversial issue, my stance included, I don’t.


Should a girl or boy be off limits to someone simply because they used to go out with your friend? Is this even a question? I never understood the controversy behind this topic. Friendship and intimate relationships are two entirely different entities and should remain as such.


Some people think it’s somehow messed up or disrespectful for a friend to go after a girl/boy after they have broken up. Why? It’s understandable that you may still have feelings for that person but at the end of the day no one is your property. If you are broken up you have gone through the understandings that both parties are moving on. There is a difference between being broken up and working things out. See the latter would cause an issue but the entire prospect of breaking up with someone is that now both of you are entitled to see whoever you want, quite frankly including your friends.


Uncomfortable? Deal with it. Instead of stressing over who your ex is going out with, why don’t you do as they are doing and MOVE ON. It’s really a simple concept.


Think about it this way. Say your ex does go out with one of your friends. They were your friend for a reason correct? There should be some sense of trust in them that they will take decent care of them, if they were douche-bags they probably wouldn’t be your friend right? ( If they are than thats your issue.) Now if you want to talk about comfort, if your reasoning is about how they will be treated, I am sure you are better off knowing they are with your friend than some random person you don’t know. Neither of these should matter again since you are broken up but in case there are some lingering feelings.


The only people who feel as though this is a serious issue are those who are overbearing and only worry about their personal image. It’s more about insecurities within themselves as well as their ego. No one should be able to restrict who you can be friends with or have a relationship with. Something as elusive as love does not need to be filtered further because someone is a little angry that they couldn’t hold on to a significant other. Be free. Stand up. Live life.


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