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Lebron The Closer : Eastern Conference Final 2012 Game 2

Sports rant time. Lebron James style, I am pretty sure somewhere down the line when I become a writer one of my most consistent topics will be defending Lebron James. It has become an addiction that I have fallen in love with. Why? Because it is so simple and easy and yet the world seems like it is against me, I love proving people wrong and this makes that rewarding feeling so much more frequent.

So my Miami Heat led by Lebron James has pulled off another victory in the Eastern Conference Finals vs the Boston Celtics. This time however came in a dog fight rather than the blowout in game one.

I am going to jump right into it instead of analyzing the whole game. Of course Lebron James dominated the entirety of the game but no one ever seems to focus on that when it comes to James, Why? Because the hating that occurs is pretty difficult to do when all you do is almost get a triple double every game. That said, let us focus on the end of the game where James took the last shot.

Let’s ignore the team leading 34 points, 10 rebounds,and  7 assists for one second and focus on one shot. The shot he took in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter over Rajon Rondo. Lebron took command and had an isolation seizing the opportunity to try and close out the game with a winning shot, something I will admit James has shy’d away from in the past. The very fact he put aside his struggles with closing and was fearless in taking that shot speaks volumes to me.

Of course haters will try bashing on him and say he can not close and this proves it. SHUT UP. Please, just SHUT UP, do the world a favor and understand that people like you are what is damaging the game of basketball. These same people who are talking shit are the ones who said James was too scared to ever take the last shot. They were the same people who said he should take it, hit or miss be willing to just take it.


WAIT, lets rewind, HIT OR MISS, what happened here? He missed, oh but since it’s Lebron James that logic no longer holds true huh? I am so sick of this fad of hating on Lebron. He is an amazing player and no matter what he does he will be unfairly talked about and criticized. He is unquestionably the best player in the NBA today and is backed by his third MVP award and his leadership towards another finals appearance. All of this said Lebron James is still a human being and has flaws. His weakness as of now is his closing ability but is nowhere close to as weak as the exaggerations haters try to make it seem though. All great players work on their weaknesses, it is all we can ask of them. Lebron is so great in so many areas already, his willingness to take the shot tonight was all I needed to know about his game. He had the look in his eye which he hasn’t had in these moments before. He wanted it, I am happy that this is a step in the right direction. Haters need to stop, honestly I’d bet my life that EVEN IF HE HIT THAT SHOT, some bullshit would be talked about how it  wasn’t special because it was only over the shorter rondo. Sure you can deny that you wouldn’t but you know its true and that is all I need to know to be happy and prove how wrong you are for it.

At the end of the day, I guess it doesn’t matter 2-0, let’s get to the finals and win this ring. HEATNATION #let them hate


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