Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Gay Marriage, Abortion, Welfare, etc.

This post will be my first question to the audience type of post. Usually I would just state my strongly opinionated views on one of those issues and leave it at for people to either accept it or reject it. This time I have a question.


Should there ever be a time where one’s view on an issue be considered a taboo point of view?


Or in other words, should there ever be an issue where only one side can be viewed as acceptable?


Abortion,welfare and other controversial issues have gained momentum with both pro and against points of views but this question will work best with one that is more slanted. That said this question probably suits best with the issue of gay marriage. Before continuing I will say I am all for gay marriage and support them in their mission and have many friends who are gay. I am just an open minded individual and like to question things people are afraid to. That said, it is hard not to notice that any one who has a view that is against gay marriage to be taken serious. They are IMMEDIATELY viewed as idiotic, a bigot, or homophobic. It is this growing trend of issues becoming taboo that I do not agree with. As I have already said I am pro gay marriage but still welcome others to their opinions and viewpoints. I am finding that more and more people are so quick to dismiss someone with any views that do not fit into what the majority sees fit.


How is this fair or okay? There was a point where nearly everyone was against gay marriage, how can those who experienced that same level of opposition treat people with differing views the same way. Were you automatically wrong? Obviously not because gay marriage has gained much support over the years, do not forget how it had to start.  They should understand how that feels. You will never have 100% support on any issue but learning can only occur by understanding both sides of an issue. No one person will be right over another, everyone has and is entitled to their own viewpoint. So if someone is against gay marriage and is 1 out of 100, his/her opinion is still as valid as anyone elses. Of course there are the irrational ones, but you can not generalize that person into that category without hearing them out.



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