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Miami Heat: 2012 NBA CHAMPIONS

If you are wondering how I was able to post this so fast its because I had this written before the last game was even won. I have faith in my Miami Heat and their ability to close out this series so I figured I’d prove that by having this written out already.

First thing is first, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE MIAMI HEAT for winning the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP and asserting itself as the BEST.

Lebron James

Second, CONGRATULATIONS to KING LEBRON JAMES for winning his much deserved first NBA CHAMPIONSHIP AND NBA FINALS MVP AWARD. This truly has been one of the most legendary complete playoff performances of ALL TIME. We are all witnesses to the greatness that is Lebron James. He is a man on a mission and his mission is finally accomplished. I truly believe with this first ring the enormous pressure that has been on his shoulders is lifted. That said, as hard as it is to believe I think Lebron James will be even better in the coming years unleashing his true potential now that the burden is gone. In any event, Congrats Lebron, winner of an amazing third regular season MVP award, winner of the 2012 NBA FINALS, and winner of the 2012 NBA FINALS MVP AWARD.

Big Three

As a Heat fan I am ecstatic that the Heat have been able to overcome all of the doubters and naysayers and making this team of players come through and prove everyone wrong. It has been a rough couple of years awaiting the return to glory but it has been worth it. So many people want to talk about how much they hate MIAMI for bringing the 3 superstars of Lebron Wade and Bosh together but this is where I disagree. Instead of mindless hate, take a step back and understand what these players had to do in order to make this happen. In a day and age where GREED and MONEY rule all major sports these three athletes SACRIFICED millions and millions of dollars to enable the team to support all of its role players. To me that sacrifice is overlooked way too often.

To the losers who hate Lebron because he joined forces with these players understand every great player and a great cast of teammates. The showtime Lakers had hall of famers, Larry Legends celtics….the word celtics alone back then should tell you all you need to know about their roster. Jordan’s playoff record before the arrival of hall of famer scottie pippen was 1-9. Kobe was nothing, NOTHING in the first 3 peat without the DOMINATING Shaq. This all just goes to show that much hate is unmerited and just bullshit.

I am also making this post to address the thousands of Lebron haters and butthurt haters who can no longer crack stupid jokes on the King. It goes without question that these losers will EXERT EXTREME EFFORT to try taking away from Lebron and his first championship. I am here to say this once and only once, your tears will only be used to shine Lebron’s ring. 

It’s actually very sad to hear “basketball” fans make excuses. Oh the referees were bad? Funny, only when the Miami Heat are winning in a series are the refs “bad” , sure, Like Steve Javie said, “first they say the league is too soft and make too many petty calls, then they say we don’t make enough calls, we never win”. Point: haters gonna hate. You are all losers and need to get a grip, The reason there are 7 games in a series is to ensure the BETTER team ALWAYS wins, no matter what call you may think should or should not have been called it does not alter the entire series, that is why basketball is different from football.

Game 2 Foul

QUICK MENTION of the when Lebron fouled Durant at the end of game 2. Bullshit? NOO, WRONG, SORRY, TRY AGAIN. It’s funny, people want to say they missed the call and it was somehow cheating, so please enlighten me about Durant’s charge on Battier a few minutes before where they called it a blocking foul. So techniqally that missed call meant Durant should have been fouled out and thus Lebron would have no one to foul at the closing moments of the game. Argument over.

Also everyone who plays basketball and complained about Lebron fouling Durant needs to quit basketball for life. You mean to tell me when you are playing basketball in the park and someone is about to tie the game or even win you are going to let them get the easy layup? NO, you make it as difficult as possible, if you can’t you foul, NO EASY BASKETS, everyone who plays basketball or has any knowledge of the game knows that is how it is. Stop being a baby.

Conspiracy Haters

The most sickening and embarrassing things I have been hearing is how the NBA is rigged. -______- Anyone who shares this belief openly needs to be put in their place. You are a prime example of someone who speaks without thinking, of someone who talks about the game and knows NOTHING of the game. Basketball is the hardest of all the major sports to rig. The referees of the nba have the LEAST impact on the outcomes of games compared to those say in the NFL where a call can take away pivotal field position. Foul shots can be countered within seconds and the NBA has adopted replay. The league is covered by a magnifying glass that is ESPN, nothing can be scripted. No matter how hard you try hating on Lebron, it will not change the fact that he has won this ring FAIR AND SQUARE whether you like it or not. Anyone who has played basketball will understand nothing can take away from players will to win and have the final say on a game’s decision. the last point I will mention when it comes to this retarded rigged theory is that if by some disney fairytale david blaine circumstance the NBA was rigged then it wouldn’t just take away Miami Heat’s ring, it would take away EVERY ring in NBA history. It wouldn’t just suddenly become rigged when Lebron is in the finals, yeah because if that was the case he would’ve already won, he’s been there twice already… Argument over. Get over yourself, the Heat LED by LEBRON JAMES are the world champions and nothing can take anything away from it.

#keep crying, tears shine the rings. 




2 comments on “Miami Heat: 2012 NBA CHAMPIONS

  1. Gemma
    July 8, 2012

    D Wade! ❤ 😀

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