Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Stop Acting.


One of my biggest pet peeves is when people act like they are someone they’re not. It’s sad and at times outright embarrassing. I was sitting in the break room the other day and some kid comes in, acting normal , being himself, talking on the phone…There was no problem here. The problem arises when a few other people entered the break room and all of the sudden his voice changes…the content of what he says on the phone changes, he went from being “nice” to dismissive and annoyed. It’s funny how since a few more of the stock people came in he had to act like he was more “hood” or “badass”. He was talking to a girl and seemingly was happy enough to hang up and look to others and be like “girls…”smh*. Seriously? It’s losers like this who probably end up calling them right back after the fact apologizing. Fact is, I can tell when someone isn’t being themselves, I’m sure a lot of people can tell. That said, why do it? You’re only making yourself look stupid. Is it worth it to act like you’re “down” ? It all goes back to the trend of trying to fit in, this group think mentality does more harm than good. People need to stop being afraid to be themselves. Uniqueness is what makes us special, it should be something we strive to achieve, not something we’re quick to throw down the drain.


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