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The Authentic Counterfeit

So I have always been into sneakers. More so lately since I finally have the money to actually buy the sneakers I love. The “sneaker game” has gotten kind of crazy in the past few years. Everything from people killing each other to ridiculous black friday type lines. It’s almost disgusting seeing these people camping out for upwards of 12 to even a full 24 hours for …sneakers. It really goes to show how materialistic people have become. That’s not what this post is about though, that will be saved for another time.



What this post IS about, is authenticity. When it comes to sneakers like this another issue people bring up is the fact that nothing but the real sneaker will do. It’s a must have, anything short of it will call for bullying and badgering.

I was on instagram the other day and came across someone who was selling fake sneakers. Almost right away anyone who is into sneakers gets kind of upset when hearing about this. And that is exactly the type of feedback he was recieving. Hate filled comments ranging from name calling to death threats. Now I have a problem with this.

Not just for the fact that comments like that will not achieve anything and only do more harm, but my problem is that the person selling the fake sneakers was not being deceptive about it WHATSOEVER. In fact he made it CRYSTAL clear that he was selling fakes. If you don’t like it then why are you on his page? Why are you bashing someone who isn’t trying to hide it. He could EASILY scam people and cost people money by acting as if they were real. Then YOU would be the victim.

He in fact is saving you money and tears. I actually think there is nothing wrong with him selling fake sneakers. He is not hiding it and makes everything perfectly clear. What if some people can’t afford these dumb sneakers that are marked up not only by retailers but also by immature sneaker “hustlers” who think they are somebody by reselling sneakers.

The FACT is the production cost of these sneakers are probably all the same, the price you pay for a “real” pair of sneakers is the name of the brand and result of marketing schemes.


What makes a sneaker “fake”? It seems like a stupid question at first glance but its a legitimate one. If two sneakers look IDENTICAL and feel IDENTICAL, and if I asked you to choose the real from the fake and you got it wrong what difference does it make? The fact is if you buy a sneaker you should buy it because you like them and want to wear them. Its that SIMPLE.


Now I’ll admit I’m kind of a hypocrite because I have never bought fake sneakers. But I’m writing this post because if I ever did decide to I don’t think there would be anything wrong. Society would not allow me to and I fall victim to society rules just like everyone else but what I am thinking then is to change the debate to where it can be appropriate.


What about if you change the usage of the sneakers. If I bought fake sneakers just to play basketball in am I wrong? Why? People use sneakers they want to beat up and careless about for the most part to use as ball kicks. So Why do they have to be “real”?




The top pair of Air Yeezy 2’s are fake. The bottom pair is real. Now the fake ones are being sold for $150, $10 less than the actual retail price. The real pair is now can not be found for less than $1500.


Now YOU TELL ME what’s “stupid”…paying $150 for sneakers that look identical to the real pair, or paying $1000 + more than the retail value so you can say their “real” and then never wear them because of your fear of messing up something so expensive.


In my opinion this isn’t really a debate and I’m probably going to buy the fake pair to play ball in and be happy. Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!


One comment on “The Authentic Counterfeit

  1. Roy
    April 26, 2013

    Where and what site can I get that fake one and how much? It looks mad identical to the real one…

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