Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


Ever feel like you were 10 years old like yesterday? Where has the time gone? I really miss the carelessness of childhood. Back then there was no drama, fear, money, stress, nothing. The thing I miss the most is how long the days felt. When time is so precious it feels as though lately time just seems to be speeding up. As a child the days felt like weeks.

Anyhow, it also isn’t a smart move to sit back and wish you can go back. You simply can’t do it. What you can do is enjoy the present and take advantage of every minute given to you in this lifetime. I was feeling a bit burdened with all the responsibilities of growing up but I’ve realized stressing out will never help the burden go away. Hard work and dedication will. I happily have regained my focus and drive. Success will find me.



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