Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Diary of an Insomniac 10/22/12

So for the past few months I have been having trouble sleeping, I’m always up till at least 3 in the morning. Its strange, I’m always tired, i just cant seem to get myself into bed. I always feel like theres something I could be doing instead. This no doubt is unhealthy and I will correct it. But until then I thought a cool blog section could be daily posts right before I attempt to fall asleep on these sleepless nights.
Take A Stand.
It really upsets me when people don’t stand up for themselves. It bothers me more than usual because I used to be one of those people. Someone who used to get walked on and pushed aside. Feelings always neglected, needs always ignored, made to seem insignificant. It’s a terrible feeling and no one deserves that…. Especially good people.
I’m noticing more and more that people are seemingly okay with letting people either take advantage of them or disrespect them without so much as even giving them a word of their thoughts. They instead open up to others about their discomfort. My problem with that is these people who turn to can’t always represent a solution. You need to be able to put aside your fear of confrontations and stand up for yourself.
Think about it. They didn’t seem to care so much about bow they came off during their actions of whatever upset you.. So why worry about what they’ll think of you when you give them a piece of your mind?
Never be afraid of defending yourself. The key word is defend. Be strong.



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