Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Diary of an Insomniac 10/23/12

So I have made some progress with my sleeping issues, slightly. It’s hard telling yourself to go to bed so much earlier than you’re used to but it needs to happen.

Anyway, tonights insomnia post will be about relationships. All too often girls tell me about how shitty their boyfriend has been treating them. See the problem however is that the same people tell me about the same issues repeatedly. What this tells me is that you aren’t doing anything to try solving the issues. I always tell people that the douchebag bf system ( treating a girl badly and still having them be with you or want you more) only works because you allow it to. I mean think about it, if the guy is cheating on you or is treating you badly and you still treat him the same…. WHY would he change?! He gets to do whatever he wants and STILL have you. Why change? So my thoughts on this is you are just as much to blame for the poor treatment. You need to have respect for yourself and demand a certain level of respect.

Try listening to others advice as well. Its hard to observe the situation when you’re in the relationship. Your friends will always have a fresh pair of eyes and insight into the situation and see it for what it really is. Bias plays a huge role. You may not always like what you hear but that doesn’t make it okay to ignore it. Respect yourself and you will be respected.



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