Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Diary of an Insomniac 10/25/12

Back to 3:30am. At least i’m trying. Had there been no effort this could have easily been a pointless 4 to 5 am sleep. Progress takes time.

Tonights post is about friendship and scams. I am so sick and tired of these “get rich quick” scams out there. There are so many of these things promising unexperienced, untrained individuals huge sums of money and high expectations with no backing. Honestly, do you really think this makes sense when you accept offers from places like this? Put yourself in their shoes. Why would you EVER give away your money to someone who is completely unqualified or trained in an area you have never worked in or even know about for that matter? Exactly.

This post however isn’t designed to bash the scammers who set these up. Its to bash the people who accept these scam offers and the. Try making money off their friends by BECOMING the scammer and utilizing the trust of friendship as a tool for recruitment.

So many of these “jobs” require you to bring more people in and have them pay some kind of deposit ($ they will almost never see again) and some of that goes to the person who brought that newbie onboard. Kind of like commission. Im sick of these people posting statuses or tweets like ” omg im making so much money now, want in? Hit me up for details you won’t believe it”. šŸ˜‘ You’re obviously trying to scam people for your own gain. Think about it, if you get a new job and are making good money do you just send out an open invite to ANYONE to come join you?! No more goes into it such as whether you like that person, whether you think they would be a good fit, whether they are qualified, etc. The fact that these people for the most part have an open invitation is an automatic red flag for them trying to straight up rob you. I mean money is money so an open invitation indicates it doesn’t matter who the person is because at the end of the day the money is all the same.

Its sickening to think so many people agree to doing things like this. What’s worse is that they try taking advantage of their friends for their personal gain and getting people entangled in these stupid scams. Grow up. Get a degree. Work hard and earn your money the right way.



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