Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

What If? 10/28/12

***Starting a new quick post blog series called “What If ?” This is to quickly address controversial issues with my taboo alternative take on it. All of you will think I’m crazy after reading a few of these but that’s kind if the point. Nothing should ever be taboo. when you are afraid to speak or write something.. that’s crazy. speculating about conspiracies is not. Since when does asking questions make one looked down upon? Never fear. Only rise. Enjoy.

Hurricane Sandy

What if hurricane sandy was a man made/ man influenced storm? What if it was practice for future global de population? What if it was designed so that people will not be suspicious if a storm were to hit the east coast later now that there has been evidence of one that has hit? What if the earth can’t sustain itself with resources and this is what the global elite has resorted to? What it the Illuminati exists? What if this is what the mayans referred to? What if hired gun acientists are taking advtantage of the fear from the mayan doomsday and using it as their cover for “natural disasters”?



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