Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


A fallen leaf, separated from its roots… It has no bounds and is at the winds mercy. Where it is destined is unknown to all. What is known however is that there are many fallen leaves. No matter how desolate within the moment the prevailing thought is other leaves have also departed. You are never truly alone. Problems exist in all wakes of life.

I find that many people come to me for help or advice. I have never been quite sure of why but I am glad they do. It is satisfying to know how far my leaf has blown from its roots. No longer am I that shy kid who hid from problems and kept quiet when in pain. I have become an outspoken individual, so much so that I find myself speaking up for others just because I know how it feels to have your voice imprisoned. I also do it because I remember wishing I had someone like that help me in my times of need and desperation. Everyone has an outlet, why not be one?



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