Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


So I came across this interesting article written by Joe Martino talking about this new building erected in China. On first glance, it’s visually stunning. I thought why not talk about this some more seeing as though it’s 2012, the year where paranoia has reached new levels. Levels in which I am okay with. Im obsessed with conspiracy theories, symbolism and things people find taboo so why not.

There is something very haunting about this picture. When we were kids we all saw cartoons and movies where the boundaries between earth and space were non existent. We all dreamt about what the future would be like. Could this be the first example of those fantasies coming to fruition?

Some quick things to think about when viewing this picture…. China is being talked about as one of the emerging world superpowers joining the United States and Europe. Much of our “debt” is owned by them. The hardron proton collider is scheduled to be used during the Mayan doomsday December 21, 2012 since it is also the date of the planetary alignment. The collider seeks to re create the big bang on a miniature controlled scale whatever that means and it also involves experimenting with “dark matter” which is highly volatile and still regarded with little knowledge. Dark matter is often mentioned with black holes and wormholes. Would a type of star gate really be that unbelievable? Guess we’ll have to see.


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