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Facebook and Your Significant Other



So a lot of people have been asking me to start posting about relationships again. It was something that was very popular in my last blog but just haven’t had time to get to. Time is no longer a concern so I will be dedicating a portion of my blog to this category.


My first post will sure to arouse some controversy as I know MANY people will be upset by it. Why? Because they are probably culprits of this topic, haha.


Facebook relationship statuses.




It’s funny when people try downplaying the importance of having your Facebook relationship set when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. There are so many excuses these days and none of them make sense. If you actively use FaceBook you should have ZERO problems letting all of your friends know via relationship status. I always see red flags when people refuse to do so. Why? What are you hiding? What are you ashamed of? Are you worried about girls/boys not talking to you the same way? Why is that even a concern?

The only reason people chose to not have the status set is because they don’t want their “game” to be ruined. That said, why are you with someone who refuses to acknowledge they’re in a relationship? Quite frankly it means you’re being played or are the side girl/guy.

Then of course there are going to be those people who act like its simply not important and a waste of time. This is generally what most people will say just to cop out of explaining why it isn’t there and usually indicates that their boyfriend or girlfriend is the one who doesn’t want to do it. As far as importance, if you consider your relationship “important” than you should consider means of which they respect that relationship as “important” as well and that includes not hiding it.

Having a successful relationship is dependent upon respect and trust. Two qualities that are greatly demonstrated by simply clicking “in a relationship” on Facebook. It’s one of the simplest pieces of advice I can offer people who seem to be struggling with a budding relationship. If this is one of the issues, get it addressed right away. Don’t let them tell you it isn’t important, it is. Whether you like it or not.

On a side note, it also blows my mind that there are still so many people out there who say Facebook ruins relationships. No, PEOPLE ruin relationships. The people who usually complain about how Facebook ruins relationships are the ones who use it to flirt with other people. Deleting FaceBook, which for whatever reason, some couples think help make a relationship last longer couldn’t be more ridiculous. Honestly that just takes away the evidence medium. All it means is the stuff that went on in Facebook will now continue in another form like texting or phone calls.





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