Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Dark Days Ahead

This post will be a simple rambling of thoughts I complied into a Facebook Status. It covers a wide array of topics that have been on my mind for the past few months. Each topic I touched upon will have its own dedicated blog post describing and detailing my thoughts soon enough.




We will soon witness the pieces fall into place, there is no physical doomsday, there is a political one, year after year we have been losing rights and freedoms due to the fight against “terror”.

When in fact our own nation seems to be the one at hand, denuclearization and forcing “democracy” down the throats of nations worldwide have left no opposition, with no opposition comes to one to keep a nation in check.

Checks and balances are what preserve freedom, so when people think its crazy for a nation of freedom to instill corrupt systems I just say, there has never been a time like this, a time where world domination is no longer a fairytale but a scary realism.

Privacy rights will soon be eliminated, SOPA ACTA and PIPA continue to be rewritten until it will be passed, the power to form and unite through internet and social media as was done with the arab spring and occupy wall street will be ELIMINATED because of those acts and internet censorship,

Indefinite detainment is something absolutely disgusting and almost unbelievable to have been passed in the “land of the free” and yet we sat idly by as it passed and it still goes without question…really, you’re okay with people who are ACCUSED, not PROVED to be criminals held without a trial? but other nations are barbaric? hmm.

Lastly , all thats left is our own people, the mission to disarm our nation has already begun and will continue to ensue until we are all helpless and have nothing to defend ourselves with,defend ourselves from? we dont know until we need it and they are all gone, sympathy blinds people. massacres are not about gun control, it is about the few mentally disturbed, exceptions never dictate the whole, why should it now? because of a few fake tears? Sigh. nation in despair.


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