Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Dark History


The picture above speaks volumes. No matter how much you want to believe this country is incapable of drastic corruption…The facts remain that all of the policy change that has been going on the past few years say otherwise. Look at whats listed, did we really enact and pass something that has only been done in China, North Korea, Cuba, HITLERS Germany and STALINS Russia? How does that not slap you into reality. You should be scared. So many people are busy joking around about the doomsday that they aren’t realizing the “end of the world” doesn’t have to be literal. It could be the “end of the world as we KNEW it”.

What I mean by that is all of the freedoms and privileges we have grown accustomed to and taken for granted may soon be taken away. If you think thats crazy you certainly haven’t been following politics and noticed changes that have been taking place.

The power of revolution and ability to unite as was done with the arab spring and in occupy wall street is going to be terminated through censorship. The government, through acts of SOPA, ACTA and PIPA ( that are still being rewritten as we speak until they get passed/ NO we did not get rid of it just because of your stupid tumblr reblogs and twitter retweets -___- ) will prevent us from spreading word and uniting if we ever had to again. Is that freedom? Is that the land of the free? Some people try to act like its not a big deal and to those people I truly feel sorry for. You must have an immense level of stupidity to believe social media and the internet weren’t some of the most powerful tools and allies for those in the arab spring and occupy movements.


Why mention all of these things now? Yesterdays speech in newton scared me. It should scare all of you as well. Let me make this very clear. I truly sympathize for everyone devastated and hurt by the cruel and evil tragedy. But there is no way I will let sympathy blind my vision as it already has done to so many people.

If you payed attention to the language of the speech you will notice the sole purpose of that speech by Obama was to inform the nation he is enacting policy change. That policy change most certainly being the removal of guns from society. This is one of the most dangerous ideas there is. It really disturbs me when people don’t understand the importance of having the right to bear arms. The cliche that guns don’t kill people, people kill people is TRUE no matter how upset you get from these sparatic shooting incidents.

Does it really make sense to enact a policy change that affects millions of people when there are only a few of these mentally disturbed people? Let’s play devils advocate and say there are thousands, it still doesn’t justify doing something to millions. Obama knew this logic and surely tricked people with synpathy bringing up how we have to do whatever it takes to prevent children from dying. So that’s all he needed to say for you to give up some freedoms we are entitled to? That is what I meant when I said sympathy is blinding.


So why am I so passionate about guns not being taken away from people? I don’t have any or plan to ever have any but it’s still the prinicple of the matter. The people who choose to have them should be allowed to. Think for a second…The superpower that is the U.S has seemingly gone into every nation of the world and installed military bases. We rule the world. There is no question. We have been denuclearizing the world which many jump to conclude is a good thing. In many ways it is but the other side of the coin that people fail to see is that now there is no threat. Whys that a bad thing you may ask? Well without threats you have no one to keep you in check. You are free to do WHATEVER the fuck you please.

Well there is still us right? If our nation somehow becomes corrupt our strong and patriotic citizens will save the day and tell our gov to stop….. Do you see where I am getting at? We are no longer in the age where the people own the government. Back then we did because we had the threat of revolting and overpowering and the potential of other nations jumping in. That is IMPOSSIBLE in todays society. Our gov has ensured that it is impossible. Look at occupy wall street, it was the closest thing to revolution that we have had in the past decade. Was it successful ? If you believe thousands of acts of police brutality that went without consequence on peaceful protests means success then yeah. If you live in reality then no, it was a major fail. Then there are the idiots who will say it was provoked and will point at one instance. NO , the majority of the brutality was unprovoked and unwarranted, this is FACT.

Quick sidebar to mention here is that much of this did receive some ridicule as it should have because it was seen on youtube, ustream and other outlets of media. This goes back to why they are trying to censor things so we do not see what is really going in. Apple has a patent that is in the works that enables the police to get into your phone and create blackout zones. What this does is if there is an area that is “important and needs to be classified” they will lock your phone cameras. Is this freedom? Is this the land of the free? If that doesn’t scare you, I hope you’re the one getting beat by the police and not having anyone be able to record or take pictures for proof.

The last thing I wanted to say to all the doubters and those who are too ignorant to see the downward spiral we’re heading in is, take a look at history. Honestly, I am finally learning why it was such an important topic. It helps you understand the present and the future. People who think we’re so free and perfect…. Do you really think the people of Nazi Germany knew what was going to happen? Do you think they thought Hitler was evil and bad from the start? If you said yes please go back to the fifth grade.

You can not force a following. You MUST be loved and respected first. It wasn’t until there was no turning back when his evil was unleashed upon the world. So those who think our presidents are these goody two shoes do gooders need to take a good hard look once again. The scariest part of all this is back then there were nations and powers to help overthrow the terror that was Hitler. As much as you ignorant patriots are, think for a second. Play devil’s advocate and entertain the thought, just for a second. If that happened here… Who would help us?



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