Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Willing to Die? Probably Not

Lately I’ve began to question my interests. I’ve almost become beaten down by the sense of apathy from people and even friends. I’m starting to believe no one really cares about the scary changes that are taking place. People with any sense that follow politics or current events and view any media outside mainstream news outlets know this. And even still.. widespread ignorance is at an all time high. Is it worth trying to spread awareness anymore? This is the dangerous question I never thought I’d have to ask myself.



Whatever happened to the bravery we as a people once held? That guy up there represents so much of what we should love and aspire for. Yet we run in the opposite direction almost all the time. He was ready to literally stand for what he believed in. Would you do the same in a similar situation today if the opportunity presented itself? Crazy? Suicide? Quite possibly…


My question is whats worse, death from fighting for what you believe in or living a submissive life that’s been dictated to you? It’s a difficult question to answer. No one will ever truly answer that they would want to die. Death is so instant and dismissive. Most of us that go the latter route may still feel the same if not worse.

Death might not be as bad as people think. If you’re a person of faith you may actually have a lot to look forward to. Today’s society and media really does a lot to hurt one’s spirit and soul. We’re surrounded by disruption. I took a trip to my home country of Bangladesh a little over a year ago. Bangladesh for those who do not know is a very poor third world country. At first I didn’t understand how people could even crack a smile and be content with the life that they knew to be theirs. Soon enough I learned I was the one who was living the terrible life. They had it good. They were unfazed by the materialistic culture that has engulfed us. They were unaware of media subversions. They were more interested in personal relationships rather than virtual ones. Simplicity at its finest. My time there truly made me feel ALIVE for once. It made me appreciate and love my family so much more. I also felt as though time went at its true natural speed instead of the accelerated pace it seemed to be back in the states. Point being, we may already be experiencing some aspects of death in the respect that we aren’t really living for ourselves.



So again, is it worth it? Should you stand and fight or submit and try being as “successful” as you could in submissive system. Some can argue why that route is the better choice but I’m not so sure. It’s kind of funny how society has taken the greatest minds and scholars away from even looking into things people calls “conspiracies”. Think about it for a second, society grooms those who are viewed as very intelligent and prestigious to receive jobs that pay fairly well and offer somewhat of a safety net for themselves and their family. Why would they want to believe anything was wrong with the world? We have been taught to self serve and to be selfish. Why worry about others problems? This is the angle many have taken who could do some serious damage in exposing truths. With them out of the equation a lot of credibility is gone.

At the end, even I am left without a true answer to this question. I’m just not sure. Maybe it’s a question we won’t be allowed to answer?


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