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Back to the relationship posts.

Often times, girls come to me and tell me that they have problems finding the right guy and that it’s a waste of time. It isn’t. You’re just looking in the wrong places. I’m sure I’ve said this in other posts somewhere but it must be said once again. You can’t find love in a place where other people aren’t looking for it. For example, don’t complain about a guy’s motives that you met at a party or club. That’s stupid. A party/club probably consists of lots of alcohol, poor judgements and mistakes. A bunch of girls in tight dresses dancing and drinking… you really think a guy is thinking “oh hey, I want to be in a relationship with that chick”. Yeah, didn’t think so.

Anyway that isn’t the focus of this post. This next bit of advice may not work or hold true for everyone but its a thought I came up with and its an interesting notion.

I believe there are a handful of people in this world you’re meant to really fall in love with, as in have the capability to TRULY love. I don’t buy the belief there is only ONE person in this whole world you’re meant to be with. I believe there are a few out of millions that can fulfill that category of true love that you will come by. Whoever comes first will be the one for you and if anything goes wrong it isn’t the end of the world. Your search just has to continue to find those other few people that may restore that feeling of love. So how do you narrow this immense field of options? Well that’s the million dollar question.

The route I came up with…You know you’ll click with someone and truly like them..if you are attracted to someone BUT CAN’T picture having sex with them (right away). I know that sounds crazy and a little random but think about it before you dismiss that thought. Sex is almost the first thoughts of many when it comes to seeing someone. Physical attraction is one of the strongest forms of attractions so that’s normal. What I’m saying however is that I believe everyone meets those few people that revert their feelings to those innocent childhood type crushes. Do you remember those types of crushes? It was almost the best feeling ever. It was when liking someone was like loving someone. There was a kind of thrill to it. It was love without the drama, headaches and heartbreak.

But like I said. I’m sure everyone has met a few people in their lifetime that sex wasn’t the primary thoughts for the first few weeks or months. It was just their personality, style, intelligence, beauty, humor, anything. When sex isn’t the motive, truer feelings are exposed. So my advice is to take a look at those people you didn’t have intimate thoughts of because you like them for other reasons which you need in a relationship. Sex is obviously an important factor in a relationship but it can’t work without anything else. Make the rest a priority and you will probably have better luck.


Think about it.



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