Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder



This post is in regards to people asking me why I have the favorite teams I have in sports. The Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Heat. I hear this question asked constantly seeing as how I live in NYC. I’ve already addressed this in other posts but again, I simply believe there is more to being a fan than just rooting for who plays in your home state.

Some of my answers are simply because the team wears black. It sounds pretty ridiculous right? Not when I was 10 years younger and just getting into sports. Color scheme isn’t as simple as people want to assume though, not for me at least. Black to me was not just a color. It represented a theme I loved…rebellion. The dark side, evil, outcast, rebels, anti conformity, it all attracted me. And it thus led to me like some of my favorite things.



The ravens were the first team I ever began to like. They represented the theme of black and lived up to it in every way. They were the bad boys of the nfl. Hard hitting and known for their defense, not offense. Something that was not so common in the league. It was their  dark reputation that led me to love them.


Basketball - NBA Championship - Mavericks vs. Heat


The Miami Heat has always been an embodiment of the dark against the world theme. Ever since the days of Mourning and his fights, to Shak with Flash and all the old vets who came and betrayed legacies to win a ring, to the big 3 joining forces.


The NWO was probably the group I loved most growing up. They represented everything I found to be cool at the time. They did whatever they want, whenever they wanted. You weren’t used to the bad guys winning before they came along.


Of course this also meant I loved Batman over any other super hero or character. Forget Superman and the Xmen. Batman was everything.


And who can forget star wars. In an age where everyone cheered for the jedi, I was always cheering the sith, Darth Maul and Vader.



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