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Raw Denim

Denim was and still is kind of an addiction for me. I have over 25 pairs which to WAY too much. I’ve learned a lot about them in the past few years and thought I’d share a post about raw denim since many people seem to ask about it. Raw denim isn’t for everyone but it’s a cool alternative to denim sold regularly in retailers.

Raw denim is usually heavier in weight and quite frankly feels like cardboard when you throw them on. This is normal. This denim is unwashed which makes all the difference.

Regular denim thats sold usually comes pre washed and processed. When denim is washed the buyer doesn’t have to worry about shrinkage or color fading, it comes ready to wear. Unwashed denim is meant to be worn anywhere from 6 months to a year daily without wash. That usually scares some people but it needs to be done.

Why? Raw denim is made to be like a second skin, kind of like a leather jacket. It’s meant to grow and gain character with you. My favorite part of raw denim is what happens after you beat them up for months and finally get to wash them. It’s also the part many people don’t know about. Raw denim almost always come in dark indigo and sometimes black. Most people buy them because they’re looking for a dark pair of blue jeans. This is the wrong thing to do. If you’re looking for a dark pair, just buy any ordinary pair, not a raw denim. When you finally get to wash your denim a little bit of magic takes place.

The wash finally allows the indigo to bleed out over the jeans and all of the creases and curves you’ve given to your denim over months of wear. This creates a unique color blend and dye that is one of a kind. It’s most noticeable over the whiskers (near the crotch & belt loops) and the honeycombs (creases behind the knees).

Below are a bunch of great raw denim fades.


Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 10.34.55 PM


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