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It’s Not Your Birth Right

I really dislike when people try claiming that an idea, profession or concept belongs entirely to them. The issue at hand is photography. I know way too many people who are “photographers” by title and try bashing others for trying to get into shooting. They choose to belittle and act like no one else is allowed to try. It’s as if they don’t realize that at one point they were just starting out as well. Some of these people claim that they are “real” photographers because they’ve been doing it since they were kids or for so much longer than others… Since when does someone HAVE to start doing something when they were a kid to be taken seriously years later? If that’s the case I probably should be specializing in watching cartoons.

I think the real reason people get upset when others get into their field is because of the threat of competition. People are scared when others have less experience and produce better work. That angers people. Those who are truly confident with their skills don’t ever worry when others try getting into photography because they know their skill took hard work to achieve. They know that no matter how many new people try claiming they are photographers that their own work will be differentiated and noticed. So logically that tells me anyone who is angered, probably isn’t that great of a photographer to begin with because they are worried people will not be able to tell the difference between their work and the work of “amateurs”.

The world is filled with enough hatred, let’s not add to it with jealousy and useless spite. It is not your birth right to own a specific field of work or interest. Everyone is entitled to try and appreciate everything. You are NO ONE to tell another person otherwise.

Stop getting mad at people who like taking pictures. You look stupid.


2 comments on “It’s Not Your Birth Right

  1. jacobbaugher
    March 14, 2013

    I agree with you sir! I once was talking to a fellow photographer and he definitely came off as a little smug when he found out that I was new to the trade and didn’t have all the fancy lighting equipment and expensive lenses that he did. Made me angry 😡 haha

    • psych0omantis
      March 14, 2013

      It’s really discouraging when you KNOW they had the same experience of push pack from others and then continue the cycle by doing it to others.

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