Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder



“Homosapiens have wandered and lived on the planet for over 250,000 years with little change and only in the past 50,000 years has this quantum leap of evolution and development of intelligence occurred”

That quote alone gives validation to the thought that possibilities outside of what we culturally accept are out there. I believe in aliens and always have. Todays society quickly makes jokes and dismisses anything like this but that doesn’t phase me from rational thinking and speculation. I don’t take anyone serious who doesn’t open themselves to different possibilities and countered thoughts.

50,000 years relative to 250,000 is a mere fraction of time. For so much development to occur by chance is something I do not find rational although possible. I’d rather believe in what conspiracy theorists claim and that is we had extra terrestrial help. The concept isn’t as crazy as it sounds. The universe is large beyond comprehension. There might just be societies lightyears ahead of us that helped sprout our generation and gave birth to our age of intelligence. The purposes and rational behind an event like that is another topic on its own and would be something fun to ponder. We just have to accept that theres questions in this world that we will never live to see answered. However that doesn’t mean the case becomes closed and invalid.

More to come later.


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