Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

The End

This is a sad post for me to write. I don’t like to consider myself a quitter but sometimes there are just some obstacles too large to overcome.

I really pride myself on helping the public gain some insight into alternative thinking and giving exposure to conspiracies. There is never just one side of a story and I enjoyed exploring the possibilities of things that are withheld from us. Too many people in today’s society allow things to happen without question. Too many people allow our rights to be violated without question. The last line has been drawn. With the introduction of PRISM I consider myself defeated. No longer will I post or question authority that seemingly deserves so. Despite our democratic right to think and speak freely I feel as though I can no longer do that. The fear they wish to instill has been instilled. For me to feel as though I could be held accountable for things they feel might be a conflict of interest is insane. My fear is that I am not alone on this boat and many others who wish to help expose the truth about things will now be silenced.

The last thing I will leave people with is this thought. Consider this example with regards to conspiracies. 

If you argue the sky is blue…and I argue the sky is red, if you had the power to…would you pass a law to silence me from saying the sky is red to prove your point?

-The answer is no, why? Because my answer is so ridiculous it doesn’t merit that kind of action. The argument defeats itself. 

Now consider the correlation to conspiracy theories. Just about everyone says that conspiracies are ridiculous and outrageous. Just like the sky being red. So that being said , if these conspiracies are in fact so outrageous, why go through so many measures to silence the public on speaking on them? Why consider them as threats or conflicts of interest? Why should there be any suspicion? 

Maybe…its because some of these ideas aren’t so crazy after all, maybe these violations of privacy are being done to further us from finding out the truth, straying us away.  


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