Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Dare To Be Bold

Life is way too short to be comfortable with complacency. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. We have all heard this cliche before, but how many of us are brave enough to live by it? I admit I haven’t always been able to be as risky as I have wanted to be, and that could be responsible for why I have not felt the success I know I am capable of. No longer.

I took a long hard look at the mirror, then the time, and then my surroundings. I wanted change, I wanted success, I wanted to prove people wrong. This empty feeling could only be fixed by pushing myself off the edge. No one will give you all you want, sometimes you have to reach out and grab it by the throat. And if that means I have to make certain leaps of faith, I am diving head first.

Confidence is they key to it all. If you don’t believe you are worth something, no one else will. Don’t just want something, DEMAND it, tell yourself you will accept nothing short of what you deserve. And with hard work.. it will come. I use people who doubt me to fuel my fire. I make it a personal goal to make every person who chose to pass me up or fail to see my potential, regret that choice. I want them to see my rise to success and question their past decisions. I want them to wish they never let me go. I will continue to rise and make my goals a reality.

Risks are easy to pass up. Next time you think you should just keep playing it safe, ask yourself if you deserve more. If you think so, just take a leap. You don’t get that many opportunities to.


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