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Diary of an Insomniac 6/17/13

Decided now was a good time to re launch diary of an insomniac. Have to say I managed a long time without having trouble sleeping. That said there hasn’t been … Continue reading

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“Homosapiens have wandered and lived on the planet for over 250,000 years with little change and only in the past 50,000 years has this quantum leap of evolution and development … Continue reading

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Creativity is one of the greatest gifts one can possess. Desktophograpghy is one of my favorite wallpaper sites. Thought I’d share and let people enjoy their work. Art.

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This post is in regards to people asking me why I have the favorite teams I have in sports. The Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Heat. I hear this question … Continue reading

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So I came across this interesting article written by Joe Martino talking about this new building erected in China. On first glance, it’s visually stunning. I thought why not talk … Continue reading

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A fallen leaf, separated from its roots… It has no bounds and is at the winds mercy. Where it is destined is unknown to all. What is known however is … Continue reading

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Passion is the gift of hope. Barriers crumble at its very mention. If dreams had gateways your passion will be what escorts you there. All too often it becomes hidden … Continue reading

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Obligation. It at times can be overbearing. It can sink you as you try to set sail. How far must you go to realize what’s right for you and what’s … Continue reading

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A Smile

Sometimes the most magical thing in life is a simple smile. Swift and effortless, yet so much power. It can speak volumes on its own. It ties its knot with … Continue reading

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Laziness = Productivity

  So this whole hurricane situation has made me realize something. Sometimes, it’s good to be lazy. I have literally been stuck a home with nothing to do for the … Continue reading

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