Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


Creativity is one of the greatest gifts one can possess. Desktophograpghy is one of my favorite wallpaper sites. Thought I’d share and let people enjoy their work. Art. Advertisements

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Portraits of a Raven

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This post is in regards to people asking me why I have the favorite teams I have in sports. The Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Heat. I hear this question … Continue reading

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Love. Sex. Friendship.

  Back to the relationship posts. Often times, girls come to me and tell me that they have problems finding the right guy and that it’s a waste of time. … Continue reading

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Joe Flacco : The Most Elite Underrated QB

People should be embarrassed when they talk smack about sports and not have the knowledge to back it up. So many people have bashed Joe Flacco and with no reason. … Continue reading

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Willing to Die? Probably Not

Lately I’ve began to question my interests. I’ve almost become beaten down by the sense of apathy from people and even friends. I’m starting to believe no one really cares … Continue reading

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Dark History

The picture above speaks volumes. No matter how much you want to believe this country is incapable of drastic corruption…The facts remain that all of the policy change that has … Continue reading

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Dark Days Ahead

This post will be a simple rambling of thoughts I complied into a Facebook Status. It covers a wide array of topics that have been on my mind for the … Continue reading

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Facebook and Your Significant Other

  So a lot of people have been asking me to start posting about relationships again. It was something that was very popular in my last blog but just haven’t … Continue reading

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So I came across this interesting article written by Joe Martino talking about this new building erected in China. On first glance, it’s visually stunning. I thought why not talk … Continue reading

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