Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

The End

This is a sad post for me to write. I don’t like to consider myself a quitter but sometimes there are just some obstacles too large to overcome. I┬áreally pride … Continue reading

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Dark History

The picture above speaks volumes. No matter how much you want to believe this country is incapable of drastic corruption…The facts remain that all of the policy change that has … Continue reading

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Ask anyone who understands how society and how law works, the world may in fact end this year, NO it does not mean the world will blow up, NO it … Continue reading

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NDAA Passed Today , Too bad no one knows because of Kony, coincidence?

Want to know why there are people like me out there who are against the “CAMPAIGN” of Kony ( not its message) , its because its things like this that … Continue reading

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SOPA Thoughts

Call me pessimistic,I don’t care. It still bothers me that yes, the anti sopa movement finally picked up speed in the last few days but where were all of you … Continue reading

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