Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


I feel bad for the people who think I get bothered by being called a conspiracy theorist. Its you I feel bad for. Why would I be ashamed of being a rational thinker who likes to question things that go unanswered? Why would I feel bad about looking at both sides of a story rather than just one? Why would I feel stupid for not just believing what the “news” tells us is truth. We were all born with brains, are we not allowed to use them because authority tells us we don’t need to? Society has turned “conspiracy theorists” into this category to be frowned upon because its scared of what can be uncovered. If there was no threat there would be nothing to ridicule. If it was ridiculous it would diminish on its own but obviously that hasn’t happened so its needed some help from others to make them feel bad. It’s now become a fad to make fun of people who offer alternative explanations to the truth. Why? It’s sad that people can’t see what’s right in front of them sometimes.

Anyway, don’t feel bad for me, take a look at the mirror if you want to feel bad for someone. I’m proud to say I don’t believe everything that’s told to me. It means I’m a thinker. Like I always have said, I’d rather be a conspiracy theorist than a coincidence theorist, its always better to know all possibilities of a situation than just one, even if they’re all wrong, I still know them all and can make that decision through rationalizing, not blind faith.


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