Insanity Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

Interview Science

  There’s plenty of places you can find interview tips online from a quick google search. However, not all of them seem to have a real voice behind them. So … Continue reading

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Dare To Be Bold

Life is way too short to be comfortable with complacency. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. We have all heard this cliche before, but how many of us … Continue reading

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Diary of an Insomniac 6/17/13

Decided now was a good time to re launch diary of an insomniac. Have to say I managed a long time without having trouble sleeping. That said there hasn’t been … Continue reading

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The End

This is a sad post for me to write. I don’t like to consider myself a quitter but sometimes there are just some obstacles too large to overcome. I┬áreally pride … Continue reading

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I feel bad for the people who think I get bothered by being called a conspiracy theorist. Its you I feel bad for. Why would I be ashamed of being … Continue reading

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“Homosapiens have wandered and lived on the planet for over 250,000 years with little change and only in the past 50,000 years has this quantum leap of evolution and development … Continue reading

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It’s Not Your Birth Right

I really dislike when people try claiming that an idea, profession or concept belongs entirely to them. The issue at hand is photography. I know way too many people who … Continue reading

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Let’s Trade Places

This is one of my very first blog posts from blogger. It is what got people interested in my writing and opinions. Thought I’d repost and let new readers get … Continue reading

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Jealousy is such a disgusting trait. It’s really sad that its prevalent in so many. Why can’t people just be happy for others? It’s disheartening to know that people you … Continue reading

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Raw Denim

Denim was and still is kind of an addiction for me. I have over 25 pairs which to WAY too much. I’ve learned a lot about them in the … Continue reading

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